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Vienna is the capital of Austria. Situated on the Danube River, it is one of the most important and fascinating European cities historically, culturally, economically and politically. When you fly with Austrian Airlines to Vienna, you'll visit one of Europe's UNESCO World Heritage Sites with many sites to see such as the Stephansdom, the Hofburg and Schönbrunn Palaces and the Prater amusement park. Check out the Hundertwasserhaus for some truly abstract architecture or go for a walk in one of the city's numerous parks. Whilst in Vienna, don't forget to enjoy a Wiener Schnitzel, an 'Apfelstrudel' with hot chocolate, A 'Mannerschnitte' or a slice of the famous 'Sachertorte'. Vienna has been Europe's centre for music, theatre and arts for centuries: a trip to see the Vienna Philharmonic works by Mozart or Strauss or an evening of opera will make your trip to Vienna quite memorable.

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Whether you are on a business trip or a city tour – the extensive Austrian network means Europe’s key centres and most interesting cities are at your fingertips.

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EAT in Vienna: Figlmüller
The secret to success is an open one: In the Figlmüller the Schnitzels are always a little bigger, a little thinner and a little crunchier than elsewhere.   No wonder, since the Schnitzel etiquette is considered to be a genuine piece of professional ethics: The meat must be from the saddle of the pig and is pounded to 34 cm. The coating has to be made with Kaisersemmel breadcrumbs only. After that the Schnitzel goes through 3 different frying pans that are all filled with oil heated to different temperatures, before it finally ends up on your plate. Bon appetite! Beware: There are several Figlmüllers in Vienna. You'll do best in the parent house at the Wollzeile.

SHOP in Vienna: fine things
The name says it all: Sandra Haischberger truly produces the finest of the fine things out of porcelain in her studio. Delicate white is adorned with birds and insects, English lace patterns from the Tudor period are kissed back to life and fragile vases are waiting for flowers to be put in.   On top of that many lamps, cups and bowls, everything made in extremely limited editions, and thus really something special. The surprise: Haischberger's art is still affordable.

STAY in Vienna: Wombats: The Base
It doesn't get cheaper than this. Nevertheless, the Wombats was recently voted the cleanest hotel in the world. Those two characteristics make it the perfect place for people who don't intend to spend much time in their hotel anyway.   The Base has had its base in the 15th district since 1999. Since its concept has been so successful, The Lounge followed in the Mariahilferstraße. In 2011, The Naschmarkt will be opened. The flair is typical of a well-kept, no-frills hostel: Friendly staff, sociable guests, simple rooms.   Absolute highlight is the beautiful sun terrace. And if you can't stand a stranger snoring next to you, you don't have to. In the Wombats you can rent a double, where you don't even have to share the bath and toilet with your new friends. Doubles start at 50 euros, and a night in the dormitory at 12 euros.

SEE in Vienna: Burgtheater
If you haven't been to the theatre in Vienna you've missed something. The most elegant is located at the ring road, directly opposite to the City Hall. The Burgtheater has a long tradition, yet it is known as one of the most modern stages in the German-speaking world.   The repertoire includes international classics and contemporary works, much of it from the rich tradition of Austrian plays. On the small stage, the Kasino, it even gets a bit more zeitgeisty and progressive: Young, courageous directors and playwrights have a platform that is no less professional than Mother Burg.   Although some in the theatre city like to pretend that theatre is a pleasure for high society only, it's not at all the case: The audience is a colourful mix, and an unofficial dress code is at place - if at all - in the boxes. Tip: Going to the cinema is probably more expensive than a visit to the Burgtheater, since one hour before the start the remaining tickets are sold for half the price. Works most of the time.

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Flights to Vienna Flight No. Time Flight time Typ
LNZ - VIE OS 1424 19:10 - 19:50 00:40 320
OTP - VIE OS 768 06:00 - 07:50 01:50 320
PEK - VIE OS 64 04:20 - 15:00 10:40 763
FCO - VIE OS 502 14:00 - 15:45 01:45 320
MAD - VIE OS 2658 00:15 - 03:05 02:50 320
BLQ - VIE OS 550 18:45 - 20:10 01:25 DH4
SJJ - VIE OS 760 06:40 - 07:55 01:15 100
ZRH - VIE OS 564 16:50 - 18:15 01:25 320
BUD - VIE OS 718 06:55 - 07:45 00:50 DH4
KLU - VIE OS 934 07:20 - 08:10 00:50 DH4