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Welcome to a kingdom of wonder, rich in history and culture. Located just above the equator in southeast Asia, Thailand has something to offer everyone. Offering secluded beach getaways or the excitement of Bangkok's nightlife. Thailand delivers the best of both worlds. With its Tropical climate, it's easy to say, There is never a bad day in Thailand. Its 65 million citizens enjoy coastal sights and mountain vistas all in a short trip . Formerly known as the country of Siam, Thailand's King Bhumibol Adulyadej invites you to tour the ancient Buddhist ruins of Ayutthaya, or enjoy the gastronomic sensations that the thousands of restaurants in Bangkok have been serving for generations. So come fly with Austrian Airlines to Thailand and experience the Kingdom of Wonder.

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Why not fly to some faraway place? Austrian Airlines offers direct flights from Vienna to some of the world’s most popular long-haul destinations, including Bangkok, Delhi, New York, Beijing, Tokyo and Washington.

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