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To enjoy your holiday, fly with Austrian Airlines to Skopje and enjoy an amazing destination. As the largest and capital city of Macedonia, Skopje is the place for a holiday filled with art, film, recreation, and fine cuisine. A must see is the Museum of Contempory Arts, which is charged with preserving and promoting cultural arts in Macedonia. Along with amazing exhibits, lectures, and films, the Museum of Contemporary Arts also boasts immaculate park areas for enjoying the arts from a different perspective. Skopje hosts numerous music festivals and is the home to a variety of sports teams including football and handball. There is not a palate to be left unsatisfied in Skopje. Numerous restaurants and eateries of all price ranges and specialties highlight the amazing home foods of Macedonia, as well as cuisine from around the world.

Flights to Skopje (SKP)

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Flights from Skopje Flight No. Time Flight time Typ
SKP - VIE OS 776 03:30 - 05:10 01:40 100
SKP - VIE OS 780 11:40 - 13:20 01:40 319
Flights to Skopje Flight No. Time Flight time Typ
VIE - SKP OS 775 21:45 - 23:15 01:30 100
VIE - SKP OS 779 09:15 - 10:50 01:35 319