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To see historic Russia, fly with Austrian Airlines to Rostov and enjoy the beauty of ancient architecture. First written mention of this city were about 862, historians believe Rostov may have been a fort along a Viking trade route. The city was built along Lake Nero and is one of the most ancient and venerable towns in Russia, one of the "Golden Ring" of such towns north of Moscow. Now, Rostov is best known for its historic buildings and its stunning enamel work. Assumption Cathedral in the central town square is famous for its large and beautiful bells. Churches have beautiful silver onion domes. This unique feature is carried throughout the town's architecture and is a main tourist attraction. Rostov has a number of established monasteries built in the neoclassical style.

Flights to Rostov

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VIE - ROV OS 659 08:50 - 11:35 02:45 F70