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New York

New York, the city that never sleeps. If you are into city-life, flashing lights, noise, activity and the metropolis feeling: New York is the place to be. If you fly with Austrian Airlines to New York you can enjoy a show on Broadway, ride in a horse-and-carriage in Central Park, visit the Statue of Liberty, enjoy the outstanding view at the top of the 102-storey Empire State Building or simply grab a coffee and stroll downtown. Don't forget to have a bagel and some cheesecake, something that the city is famous for! New York, the most populated US city, boasts not only touristy activities which are all too familiar and famous to the world, but can show you that city life is not just like in the movies. A cruise around Manhattan island or even a day trip to Long Island are also highlights that New York offers.

Flights to New York

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Why not fly to some faraway place? Austrian Airlines offers direct flights from Vienna to some of the world’s most popular long-haul destinations, including Bangkok, Delhi, New York, Beijing, Tokyo and Washington.

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EAT in New York: Spice Market
Paul Bocuse ranges among his teachers. Bangkok, Sinapore and Hong Kong range among his stations. Jean-Georges Vongerichten is the name of the Alsation celebrity cook who's been busy in New York as well. His restaurant: the Spice Market in the Meatpacking district. Since 2004 he serves South East Asian street dishes in the style of Thai and Vietnamese cookshops. The guests dine on two floors, surrounded by a wild mixture of artefacts from India, Burma, Malaysia, China and Thailand and tasty morsels continuously arrive at the table.   Jacques Garcia was responsible for the design of this huge restaurant (comparable to a bus station). The French architect transports the guests with pagodas and colonial bespoke furniture into a distant world. A strong contrast to the New York peachiness of the Meatpacking District where hipsters shop at Stella McCartney or jog in the High Line Park.

SHOP in New York: Abc Carpet & Home
In the six-storied furniture store on Broadway 888 the carpets pile up on the wooden floor, the glasses are densely packed in metal racks - everything in high rooms and under large chandeliers. In between: couples strolling around with their personal shopper searching for the perfect mirror for the loft or the organic bed linen for the bedroom. Yuppies on the hunt for a new couch or moneyed grey-haired ladies on a stroll through the tableware-department.   In the branch on the opposite side of the street on Broadway 881: carpets of every kind and size on three floors. Old or new, design or antique. The deeper the buyer probes into the store, the more favourable the carpet gets. In the basement there's a constant clearance sale.   Abc Carpet & Home has devoted itself with its products to sustainability. Special icons make the buyer aware of the source of the material and the way of manufacturing. Not to be neglected: the Abc Kitchen, Jean-Georges Vongerichten's new restaurant in the mega furniture store. 

STAY in New York: Andaz 5th Avenue
Checking in at the reception - that is so yesterday! Checking in via handheld pc in the living room next to the baking oven or while you're already on the way into your room - that's today! The place of action: the Andaz 5th Avenue located at the biggest shopping street of the city.   The hotel with 184 rooms - situated in one of New York's largest department stores in history and former headquarters of Tommy Hilfiger on 41st street - is part of the Hyatt family. And in co-operation with Tony Chi it shows what creative, generous living means. Here, liberty can be found everywhere: no matter if it's in the open restaurant and its entrance that leads through the kitchen which only uses products by New Yorker farmers. Or in the 30-square-metre large rooms with 3,65-metre hight ceilings and freestanding bathtubs. Or the art works by Nick Hornby & Co that adorn the living rooms. The whole hotel inspires you to give free rein to your own individuality. And it works. Rooms atarting from 395 dollars.   

SEE in New York: N.Y by bike
The biking trend in New York is relatively young. For too long, cars and busses have dominated the streets while bike messengers drove in a breakneck speed through fumes and tooting. With the help of the green mayor Michael Bloomberg, who announced in 2007 to triple cycle traffic by 2017, the establishment of new bike lanes and also the conversion of parts of the Times Square into a pedestrian and bike zone in 2009, the city becomes bike-friendlier from year to year.   The bike lanes sprout throughout the whole city and so do the bikers - amidst Manhattan, along the Hudson River, in Brooklyn or Harlem. And the bicycle rental business also booms. Furthermore, New York dedicated a whole month to the bike - each May there are events revolving around biking: ranging from bike tours to workshops for the correct behaviour in case of accidents.


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