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Larnaca is a major city on the southern coast of Cyprus, in the Eastern Mediterranean, and a beautiful place to visit. With a history nearly uninterrupted for roughly 4000 years, Larnaca has one of the oldest and most stable cultural timelines in the world. This city today has a major international airport and the second most important commercial port on the island. Full of pristine beaches and crystal clear blue waters, this beautiful island climate is an ideal vacation spot for anyone. The city also features a variety of excellent bars, clubs, restaurants, and other places to eat, socialize, and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere. Nightlife on the beach is always popular. Because of its direct access to the sea, Larnaca is also great for yachting. If you're in need of a holiday, fly with Austrian Airlines to Larnaca and rest on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Flights to Larnaca (LCA)

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Flights from Larnaca Flight No. Time Flight time Typ
LCA - VIE OS 832 14:45 - 18:15 03:30 321
LCA - VIE OS 836 04:25 - 07:45 03:20 319
Flights to Larnaca Flight No. Time Flight time Typ
VIE - LCA OS 831 09:25 - 12:30 03:05 321
VIE - LCA OS 835 19:40 - 22:45 03:05 319