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Klagenfurt, capital city of Austria was one of the eight host cities in the 2008 European Football Championships. Klagenfurt can be accessed from most large airports in Germany, as well as London and Vienna. Klagenfurt appears to be more of a connector town, with a multitude of car, bus and train routes running through it. The local architecture is beautiful, as with most Austrian cities. Anyone visiting Vienna should fly with Austrian Airlines to Klagenfurt to start their trip. Being a small and quaint town, there is access to all the surrounding cities by rail, car, or bus, which is another exciting way to see Austria as well as Switzerland. Beautiful Alps mountains, skiing, sightseeing and some of the best beer in the world!

Flights to Klagenfurt

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Whether you are on a business trip or a city tour – the extensive Austrian network means Europe’s key centres and most interesting cities are at your fingertips.

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Flights to Klagenfurt Flight No. Time Flight time Typ
VIE - KLU OS 943 21:40 - 22:20 00:40 DH4
VIE - KLU OS 939 16:15 - 16:55 00:40 DH4
VIE - KLU OS 929 19:10 - 19:50 00:40 DH4
VIE - KLU OS 935 09:00 - 09:45 00:45 DH4
INN - KLU OS 2305 14:35 - 15:15 00:40 320