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Innsbruck is located in Austria and is the capital of Tyrol. Innsbruck is situated in Inn Valley and is a popular tourist destination. The earliest inhabitants of this city date back to the Stone Age. You can fly with Austrian Airlines to Innsbruck and explore this amazing city. Innsbruck has a continental climate, which means that winter is cold with temperatures dropping to -12°C and summer temperatures reaching about 34°C. There are several museums, parks and gardens you can visit while you are visiting Innsbruck. Some of the museums you should visit are, Zeughass, Schloss Ambras, Tiroler Museumsbahnen and Kaiserjagermuseum. A visit to this city will be incomplete without visiting the spectacular town center and the historic buildings. You can also enjoy some exciting winter sports if you visit this city in winter.

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EAT in Innsbruck: Lichtblick
It's the light at the end of the tunnel: those who take a seat here will be sated, but you could never get enough of the panorama views. The upper floor of the city hall galleries has a unique position that boasts an unbelievable view of the city, the mountains and almost the entire region of Tyrol, as it appears. It may be easy to look past your plate, but don't look too far as what is served on plates here is truly a feast for the eyes. You can expect artfully arranged buffalo mozzarella, colourful baby leaf salads and carefully decorated tomato tagliatelle. It's all mouth-watering stuff that harmonises with the view.   The farmer's dumplings won 14 points whilst being tested and were one of the many reasons why this restaurant has a 'Haube' - Austria's equivalent of the Michelin Star. The noble wines from Austria and Italy put the icing on the cake, but aren't the only sources of shining light to be seen in the 360°wine bar.

SHOP in Innsbruck: Soundstation
So the words Ninja Tunes and Slow Cosmic Disco don't mean anything to you? Then you should take a look around in the Soundstation Record Store, where they serve everything that comes stamped on black gold - yes, vinyl records. The store isn't that big, but the ?1 bargain box is worth the trip alone. Here you will find the right tune for the right price.   Those who are willing to dish out a little more should entrust the specialists; Klaus, the electro-junkie is behind the counter on Wednesdays and Fridays, Albi is there for all your hip hop, reggae and break beat requests on Mondays and Saturdays, on Tuesdays Stefan is your man for all things afro & cosmic and Gregor is the guy in the know for drum'n'bass music. Along with the professional advice, there's a couple of CDs available and some equipment for DJs of all levels, not to forget snazzy Pioneer cases for the trip between the bedroom and the nightclub.

STAY in Innsbruck: Grand Hotel
The Grand Hotel Europa goes international and pairs Tyrolean parlour style with Italian design. The Europa suite was designed in the name of tradition, holds a very comfortable atmosphere and is completely made out of wood. Hundred-year old carvings and a corner bank around a traditional fireplace remind one of a rustic east Tyrolean farmer's room, but nobody has to go to work on the fields here. Room service and the shoeblack are here to relieve you of all the hard work. On the contrary to the Tyrolean style, the other rooms boast modern Italian style. Architect Botti went to town and impresses guests with warm colours, noble use of wood and marble stone.   Those who drop in at the restaurant however, mustn't guess where they are at all. The Andreas Hofer and Max Weiler parlours again command the classic Tyrolean style. There's wood as far as the eye can see and an excellent 'Haube' honoured restaurant with a excellent international wine list to boot. And that is exactly what makes the Grand Hotel Europa what it is - the motto may scream international luxury, but scratch the surface and the Tyrolean traditions aren't hard to find. Don't forget the nostalgia that comes with it. Double rooms are available from ?149 per night.

SEE in Innsbruck: Audioversum
Seeing the sense of hearing at the Audioversum in Innsbruck. In the room of bone conduction the visitors discover how hearing-impaired people sense sounds in their heads through their bones.   Over-sized headphones elucidate what noise pollution feels like. The Kritzelfon surprises the kids: they can hear their drawings. Apart from the Kritzelfon also the Soundlab is the playground of the young. Here they can experiment with sounds on tablets. And if you happen to be angry or if you want to know how voluminous your voice is you can head to the Scream Room. 1,000 square metres cover the different stations of the Audioversum.   Initiators of this unusual museum which is close to Innsbruck's central station are Ingeborg Hochmair and Erwin Hochmair, director and researcher of Medical Electronics. MED-EL is a globally acting company for hearing implant systems.

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Flights to Innsbruck Flight No. Time Flight time Typ
ARN - INN OS 9622 09:05 - 11:35 02:30 320
HRG - INN OS 2306 09:15 - 13:50 04:35 320
DME - INN OS 1006 03:00 - 06:25 03:25 321
VIE - INN OS 915 05:35 - 06:35 01:00 100
VIE - INN OS 1432 21:00 - 21:50 00:50 321
ARN - INN OS 9622 18:45 - 21:15 02:30 320
BRS - INN OS 2574 10:55 - 13:05 02:10 320
VIE - INN OS 1432 19:10 - 20:10 01:00 321
KBP - INN OS 670 08:50 - 11:25 02:35 319
ARN - INN OS 9628 19:20 - 21:50 02:30 100
VIE - INN OS 1403 16:40 - 17:40 01:00 321
BHX - INN OS 2576 10:30 - 12:35 02:05 320
VIE - INN OS 1465 20:45 - 21:45 01:00 319
GVA - INN OS 2652 17:00 - 18:15 01:15 DH4
GOT - INN OS 9624 17:55 - 19:55 02:00 320
VIE - INN OS 911 08:55 - 10:05 01:10 100
VIE - INN OS 1447 19:30 - 20:15 00:45 320
DME - INN OS 1006 18:10 - 21:35 03:25 321
CPH - INN OS 9628 17:35 - 19:35 02:00 100