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Innsbruck is located in Austria and is the capital of Tyrol. Innsbruck is situated in Inn Valley and is a popular tourist destination. The earliest inhabitants of this city date back to the Stone Age. You can fly with Austrian Airlines to Innsbruck and explore this amazing city. Innsbruck has a continental climate, which means that winter is cold with temperatures dropping to -12°C and summer temperatures reaching about 34°C. There are several museums, parks and gardens you can visit while you are visiting Innsbruck. Some of the museums you should visit are, Zeughass, Schloss Ambras, Tiroler Museumsbahnen and Kaiserjagermuseum. A visit to this city will be incomplete without visiting the spectacular town center and the historic buildings. You can also enjoy some exciting winter sports if you visit this city in winter.

Flights to Innsbruck

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EAT in Innsbruck: Schwarzer Adler
Once upon a time the Seegruben gondola brought skiers to the snowy slopes of the Tyroler mountain world. Nowadays she has found rest on a terrace. So what happened? Simple really. The disposed gondola was purchased by the Schwarzer Adler and promptly turned into a Tyrolean séparée. Now guests can cruise in style on the restaurant's rooftop-terrace and hold a summit meeting in a dignified space. As creative and comfortable as it is, the eyrie costs ?50 per half-day, which can be dropped once racked up a large enough bill.   This is no large feat, considering the menu on offer: exclusively fresh local produce and Tyroler specialties quickly turn into a feast and will push your belt to the limits. For those who find the gondola a bit too draughty can always find respite in one of the parlours. The wood used for the ceiling panelling in the Arquin parlour come from a cottage high up in Navistal and the pictures on the walls are painted by local artists. The Adler (eagle) parlour has been preserved in its orignal condition whilst the Jäger (hunter) parlour is fitted out with modern leather. And military soldiers from the nearby barracks used to drink in the Pfiff bar, which now plays host to Innsbrucks only vodka bar.

SHOP in Innsbruck: Rathausgalerien
If you don't travel to Innsbruck in the middle of summer, you might risk frozen toes and icy credit cards. Thank god for the Rathausgalerien (city hall gallery). Here you can carry out your favourite hobby without shivering teeth. Plus you can really let your credit card glow in the exclusive boutique stores. Let yourself defrost here and you won't be leaving quickly. If you don't get stuck in Hugo Boss, Calzedonia or Mango, then it'll probably be in either Gant, Jones or Lacoste. And if you are still freezing, then the sporting fashion at North Face will help you bear the cold.   Time for a break after so much shopping? There are great gastronomical pleasures to be found here as well. Lichtblick have a great gourmet menu, fine traditional fare at Gössers or Indonesian curry noodles at Thai-Li-Ba. With so many international offerings, it's so hard to choose. To top off a successful day, stop off at La Habana for a cuban cigar, where you can also soak up the cuban tunes and enjoy a well-deserved cocktail.

STAY in Innsbruck: Binders
Innsbruck isn't exactly the design centre of the world. In Tyrol, traditions are more important than the trappings. Those who are looking for that big city flair are really at the wrong address here. But the BinderS hotel attempts to change that. The art hotel has set a new accent in old Innsbruck and makes quite a splash with its 15 different designs. The Sleep Colour room contains twelve colours, the Sleep Loft provides an urban feeling with its water bed and bright, expansive rooms, not to mention the bathroom that simply screams lifestyle.   As an added extra, the Smart car fleet provides those without a car the opportunity to explore every nook and cranny of the city with the perfect city explorer on four wheels. And after an exhausting day in the mountains you can permit yourself a beer or even a schnaps in the hotel bar. No need to do this on an empty stomach however: although BinderS doesn't offer a three course meal, the snacks on offer are enough to keep you on the safe side of tipsy. Double rooms are available from ?78 per person.

SEE in Innsbruck: Hofgarten
It will be a park for eternity: The Hofgarten already has 600 years behind it. But where Sissi once went for a stroll, club-goers now dance around the clock. It's seen the renaissance and saw the baroque period come and go, rulers have reigned and stollers have gotten lost. Regardless of what this place has seen: strollers from all around the world come to explore the biggest parkland of all time. The pavilion was built in 1733 and some plants were personally planted by Maria Theresia herself. The tropical house was built in the '60s and boasts 1,700 plant species for visitors to explore, as well as changing exhibitions.   So eveything in the Hofgarten must be antiquated, right? No way! In the evenings there's a round-the-world trip rather than a travel through time: when the turntables light up on Thursday nights, hits from Jamaica, Paris, Rio and L.A. pump the speakers and the trendy audience set the dancefloor on fire. If Sissi would've known... But perhaps the dignified restaurant might've appeal to her even more. Those who take a seat are treated with local specialties such as excellent beef broth and farmer's cheese dumplings. But it doesn't matter which scene you belong to , or if you are only interested in the culinary delights, the Hofgarten is worth the trip.

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Flights to Innsbruck Flight No. Time Flight time Typ
DME - INN OS 1006 10:00 - 13:25 03:25 321
VIE - INN OS 1403 16:40 - 17:40 01:00 321
GRZ - INN OS 1463 21:00 - 21:50 00:50 F70
VIE - INN OS 903 08:45 - 09:45 01:00 DH4
VIE - INN OS 901 16:15 - 17:15 01:00 319
VIE - INN OS 1432 21:00 - 21:50 00:50 321
BRS - INN OS 2574 10:55 - 13:05 02:10 320
DME - INN OS 1006 18:10 - 21:35 03:25 321
VIE - INN OS 1403 16:30 - 17:30 01:00 321
VIE - INN OS 1433 20:50 - 21:55 01:05 320
GVA - INN OS 2652 17:00 - 18:15 01:15 DH4
MAN - INN OS 2578 11:05 - 13:30 02:25 321
ARN - INN OS 9622 17:10 - 19:40 02:30 320
SOU - INN OS 2590 10:10 - 12:15 02:05 100
BHX - INN OS 2576 10:30 - 12:35 02:05 320
STN - INN OS 2586 09:40 - 11:30 01:50 100