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Innsbruck is located in Austria and is the capital of Tyrol. Innsbruck is situated in Inn Valley and is a popular tourist destination. The earliest inhabitants of this city date back to the Stone Age. You can fly with Austrian Airlines to Innsbruck and explore this amazing city. Innsbruck has a continental climate, which means that winter is cold with temperatures dropping to -12°C and summer temperatures reaching about 34°C. There are several museums, parks and gardens you can visit while you are visiting Innsbruck. Some of the museums you should visit are, Zeughass, Schloss Ambras, Tiroler Museumsbahnen and Kaiserjagermuseum. A visit to this city will be incomplete without visiting the spectacular town center and the historic buildings. You can also enjoy some exciting winter sports if you visit this city in winter.

Flights to Innsbruck

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EAT in Innsbruck: Teppan Wok
Always being served can become boring. Not to mention the eternal waiting! But for the control freaks amongst us, there is always the Teppan Wok. Here you know exactly what lands on your plate, because you put it on there yourself. And those who opt for the vast buffet can choose from either meat, fish or vegetables. Or all of them together. Afterwards, take it to the chef and watch as he fries it up and tops it off with a few sauces. It is so easy to get exactly what you want here and you don't have to wait around for slow service.   The only question left remaining is whether everything that you put on your plate actually fit together. Those who doubt their ability to put together a winning dish should opt for the tried and tested fried chinese delicacies or simply go straight to the sushi bar. And then take a seat: the Teppan Wok offers a great ambience blends Japanese purism with the florid chinese style and modern comfort.

SHOP in Innsbruck: Rathausgalerien
If you don't travel to Innsbruck in the middle of summer, you might risk frozen toes and icy credit cards. Thank god for the Rathausgalerien (city hall gallery). Here you can carry out your favourite hobby without shivering teeth. Plus you can really let your credit card glow in the exclusive boutique stores. Let yourself defrost here and you won't be leaving quickly. If you don't get stuck in Hugo Boss, Calzedonia or Mango, then it'll probably be in either Gant, Jones or Lacoste. And if you are still freezing, then the sporting fashion at North Face will help you bear the cold.   Time for a break after so much shopping? There are great gastronomical pleasures to be found here as well. Lichtblick have a great gourmet menu, fine traditional fare at Gössers or Indonesian curry noodles at Thai-Li-Ba. With so many international offerings, it's so hard to choose. To top off a successful day, stop off at La Habana for a cuban cigar, where you can also soak up the cuban tunes and enjoy a well-deserved cocktail.

STAY in Innsbruck: Grauer Bär
It is bucketing down in the Hotel Grauer Bär. The sky may be free of clouds outside, but it's about to pour down inside. And this is done for good reason: refreshing tub showers help stressed business people cool down after heated debates. The 300m large wellness area was made as a relaxing equaliser to stressful everyday life. You can get yourself all heated up in the Finnish sauna or the Turkish steam bath and cool down in the current pool or step out onto the terrace and enjoy the panoramic views of the mountainous backdrop. And if you still haven't found your inner self after that, douse your evening with a tub shower or a glass of bubbly in the Onyx Bar.   The modern conference hotel also has other delights in store: like minds can come together in one of six conference rooms equipped with high-speed internet and the ski room is there to accomodate all your skiing gear in the winter months. And those who already feel cramped up after a long day in the city can prepare him or herself for the next seminar with a well-deserved massage. Double rooms are available from ?135 a night.

SEE in Innsbruck: Golden Roof
The Trolyeans love jumping. They jump at the 'Four Ski-Jump Tournament', they jump at the Air & Style event and they even jump at the Golden Roof Challenge. But at this event they don't have any board under their feet, but a pole in the hand: the best athletes in this pole vaulting competition are pitched against the golden roof. Those who make it up to the roof shingles is seen as a master. An American acheived the highest jump at 5.62m. An African by the name of Ignisious made 8.18m in the long jump and set the bar high for coming generations.   And what is the prize? Winners in this event receive a golden shindle - not from the roof, but from the director Armin Margreiter. And as the theme is set by high ambitions, this year the slack lining expert Christian Waldner is coming into the programme. He will swagger on a rope between the city tower and the 'Katzung-Haus' at a height of 25m. Is it all a bit too high for you? Then sit down and have a listen to the musical offerings that are sure to increase the pulse and tone for the evening.

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Flights to Innsbruck Flight No. Time Flight time Typ
STN - INN OS 2586 09:40 - 11:30 01:50 100
GVA - INN OS 2652 17:00 - 18:15 01:15 DH4
GOT - INN OS 9624 17:55 - 19:55 02:00 320
DME - INN OS 1006 10:00 - 13:25 03:25 321
BLL - INN OS 9624 17:05 - 18:55 01:50 320
VIE - INN OS 1465 20:45 - 21:45 01:00 319
EDI - INN OS 2584 17:00 - 19:30 02:30 319
VIE - INN OS 903 08:45 - 09:45 01:00 DH4
DME - INN OS 1006 03:00 - 06:25 03:25 321
VIE - INN OS 913 19:35 - 20:35 01:00 100
VIE - INN OS 915 05:35 - 06:35 01:00 100
ARN - INN OS 9622 17:10 - 19:40 02:30 320
VIE - INN OS 1463 21:00 - 21:50 00:50 F70
VIE - INN OS 1461 20:40 - 21:35 00:55 100
VIE - INN OS 1432 19:10 - 20:10 01:00 321
VIE - INN OS 905 11:45 - 12:45 01:00 DH4
VIE - INN OS 1433 19:10 - 20:15 01:05 321
BHX - INN OS 2576 17:45 - 19:50 02:05 320
VIE - INN OS 1403 16:40 - 17:40 01:00 321
SOU - INN OS 2590 16:35 - 18:40 02:05 100