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India is a destination you won't soon forget. The sounds, the food, the music, the culture will captivate you. An ancient land with a rich but often turmoiled history, it is an emerging power house in the realm of business, manufacturing, movies and culture. It has a young median age of 25 making it a vibrant, fast moving society. Cities like Mumbai, Kolkata are bustling metros with the charm of old world India and the cutting-edge conveniences of any western society. Why not fly with Austrian Airlines to India and experience the Taj Mahal,the Delhi Red Fort and other world heritage sites, not to mention some of the friendliest people anywhere on the planet! You will leave India with many great photos, stories and memories of a unique land.

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Why not fly to some faraway place? Austrian Airlines offers direct flights from Vienna to some of the world’s most popular long-haul destinations, including Bangkok, Delhi, New York, Beijing, Tokyo and Washington.

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