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Erbil is a beautiful old city in the northern Irak. Tourists are overwhelmed by its old cultural heritage and its beautiful nature and landscapes. Several natural parks offer a plenty of recreational and sporting activities. Here nature lovers can discover untouched nature and intact flora and fauna. Arbil is also the capital of Kurdistan and located 350 kilometers north of Baghdad between the two rivers Great Zab and Small Zab. Arbil is among the oldest cities in the world. Nowadays only the historic buildings remember of the glorious past and the former reputation of the city. History fans can still discover a lot of interesting sights, for instance castles, minarets or museums. Besides Arbil is also the political, social and economical centre of the region. The climate is hot in summer, but winter is usually cold and snowy.

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Flights from Erbil Flight No. Time Flight time Typ
EBL - VIE OS 830 14:00 - 18:10 04:10 320
Flights to Erbil Flight No. Time Flight time Typ
VIE - EBL OS 829 09:10 - 12:50 03:40 320