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Dubai is known as the city of the superlative. If you fly with Austrian Airlines to Dubai you can see this superlative already from the plane window. First of all there's an isle of palms and The World Dubai which are both man-made archipelagos. If you're in the city you can visit the Burj Khalifa, for example. It´s the world´s largest skyscraper at 828 metres tall. There are also many museums and theatres to visit during the day and in the evening. If you leave the city there are more destinations to experience. The Heritage Village is a replicated city of stone houses from regions of mountains and deserts, tents of Bedouins, market stands, etc., you can also go on trips through the desert which last several days.

Flights to Dubai

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Austrian Airlines operates a large number of flights to the key economic centres in the Middle East.

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EAT in Dubai: Pierchic
Who wants to have a romantic evening with their beloved one? This is the ideal place for an atmospheric dinner. The scenery could even match a fairy tale. The restaurant is located in the middle of the sea on a platform and is accessible by a jetty. On one side there is the characteristic Burj Al Arab, on the other side the shimmering Atlantis and in the middle the Madinat-complex shines in different colours at night.   Minimalistic wooden tables provide for intimacy in soft Arabic ambience. For the perfect evening, book a table outside; otherwise chances for an outdoor experience are rather small. The finest, freshly caught sea dwellers are treated with a lot of instinct. Fresh oysters, yellow-fin tuna melting in the mouth, lobster or carrot-falafel with Tasmanian trout - highlights non-stop.

SHOP in Dubai: Ibn Battuta Mall
For 29 years in the 14th century Ibn Battuta travelled through the Near East, North Africa and Asia. Today there's a shopping mall named after the Arabian Marco Polo. We wonder if the explorer would like this homage - of course there's no answer to that. But one thing is for sure: the way through the Ibn Battuta Mall in fact equals an adventure.   Loaded with a growing number of shopping bags from countless shops the shopaholics run through different theme worlds: Andalusia and Tunisia, Egypt and Persia and finally India and China.   The 250,000-square-metre large Ibn Battuta Mall opened in the year 2005 and is located between Dubai Marina and the port Jebel Ali - a little bit outside town. The mall also houses the first IMAX cinema in the United Arab Emirates.

STAY in Dubai: XVA Art Hotel
The XVA Art Hotel is practically the anti-thesis to the new hotel palaces in Dubai, in the middle of skyscrapers the boutique hotel moved into a 100-year-old sandstone house. It is only two-storied. After all, small but fine is the philosophy of this art project by Mona Hauser.   First, the American founded the XVA Gallery, in the course of time an awarded cafe with veggie cuisine, several shops, a tailor and the hotel in the old city Bastakiya were added. Without a pool and no shiny bar, but a nice inner courtyard with a few tables instead, modern artwork on the walls and six rooms.   Each room was designed individually by renowned artist and brings a breath of fresh air into the hotel scene with a noble mixture of contemporary vintage and kitsch design. Ridiculously small for Dubai standards, but beautiful. Rooms starting from 40 Euros.

SEE in Dubai: Bastakiya
Going through small alleys, passing traditional buildings and courtyards. Seeing small boutique hotels with narrow doors where tourists bump their heads. And everywhere windmills that are used as air conditioning. That's Bastakiya, the historic district in Bur Dubai. Home to the Al Fahidi Fort, the Dubai Museum and  Majlis Gallery. The Persian influence is truly noticeable here, the houses made of clay, shells and limestone adorned with plenty of Arabic art. Today, they all have landmark status and are only refurbished with identical materials.   Although this district only makes up one per cent of the whole city you have to be there for once - in order to see and understand how people used to live here in former times. Furthermore the narrow lanes offer the ideal protection against the sun. It's perfect for rummaging in the little stores, and visiting the numerous ateliers and galleries which do not only excite those interested in history but art fans as well.


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VIE - DXB OS 839 16:30 - 22:15 05:45 763
VIE - DXB OS 839 12:05 - 17:50 05:45 763