Flight to Dresden

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Dresden is located in Germany and is the capital of the Free State of Saxony. Dresden sits in a valley on the Elbe River and has a long and colorful history. Several buildings in the city reflect the the artistic splendor of the past. Choosing to fly with Austrian Airlines to Dresden is a good idea. You can enjoy a comfortable flight, beginning your holiday from the moment you step aboard. Visiting the museums in Dresden is a great way to enjoy the history of this city. Some of the museums you can visit are, Landesmuseum fur Vorgeschichte, Stalltliche Naturhistorische Sammlugen Dresden, Universitatssammlung Kunst and the Verkehrsmuseum. The "Great Garden" is a big garden that is located near the city center. There is a little castle in middle of the garden. You can walk, rollerblade or relax in this garden.

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