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To visit a modern city with a history dating back to the Vikings, fly with Austrian Airlines to Copenhagen, Denmark's capital city. Copenhagen began as a harbor town and has continued to be a center of commerce. It has kept its eye towards the future by being environmentally focused. The harbor water remains clean. Over a third of the population cycles to work each day on the city's bicycle paths. Copenhagen has many parks spread out throughout the city, most notably King's Garden Park. Even the cemeteries are used as passive parks. Copenhagen is a leader in jazz music. It is also home to the famous Royal Danish Ballet. Copenhagen is gaining a glowing reputation throughout Europe for its many fine restaurants and gourmet cuisine. The city awaits you!

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OS 307 VIE CPH 20:20 22:05
01:45 01.07.2015 - 24.10.2015

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SHOPPING in Copenhagen:

Cop Ceramics

Bente Skjøttgaard, Steen Ipsen and Martin Bodilsen have known each other for quite some time and have one thing in common: they work with ceramics. Furthermore, they are based in Denmark - a country which is internationally renowned for its ceramics. But the three artists wanted more and decided to provide a platform for aspiring and established ceramicists in Frederiksberg near Copenhagen. That's exactly what they did with Copenhagen Ceramics.   They are not sure what the future will bring for this platform. At the moment, however, they host ten exhibitions by contemporary ceramicists ranging from Bodil Manz, Turi Heisselberg Pedersen to Michael Geertse. Potentially Copenhagen Ceramics will turn into a pop-up installation after the scheduled show program is over. It also might become a permanent gallery. In any case, the second floor of an old factory with whitewashed walls is an inspirational frame for the colourful artworks that are presented.

Pede & Stoffer

At last, a shop where the creation of men's clothes is taken care of. A fine selection is available, from suits to streetwear. Even people who hate shopping will love exploring this shop. Amongst many other lovely things, there are clothes from Danish designers Birger Day & Mikkelsen, Jankovich and Tempo on the racks. All-in-all a nice atmosphere and affordable prices.

Viola Sky

Viola Sky is the first address in Copnehagen when it comes to underwear. The lingerie here is made in pale, but not boring, colours and vintage elements, meaning both the lady wearing it and her partner will be very happy! This underwear makes the clothes you're wearing over the top seem irrelevant. Other than that, there are some fine accessories and beauty products. Who exactly would have come shopping here? None other than Rita Hayworth!

STAY in Copenhagen:

Avenue Hotel

At the Hotel Avenue, you can not only count on unique artistic highlights, but also the design concept throughout the whole building, from the lounge to the rooms. It's all exquisite-Missoni duvets, oak floors, sandstone fireplaces and flatscreen TV's. The staff uniforms have all been designed by Day Birger et Mikkelsen. The staff in the ultra-chic clothes are supposed to be the nicest in the city and look after every need and desire of their guests. So better pack your best outfits, because otherwise you'll feel underdressed next to the curtains!One night in a double room is available from ?152.

Kong Artur

Don't worry if you haven't been invited to stay at one of the many castles in Copenhagen, because as a guest of King Arthur, you're transported into an ancient fairy tale. There's plenty on offer: a lavish winter garden restaurant, a magical sun terrace and a historically noble interior design. The building is in a discreet court right next to the lake. The hotel is cherished by many celebrities and business travellers.One night in a double room is available from ?225.

Hotel Twentyseven

Another sign that Arne Jacobsen's has his fingers in many pies. The furnishings here are inspired by the famous Danish designer.  Hotel Twentyseven is situated right in the centre of Copenhagen between Tivoli and the shopping street Stroget. The hotel is perfect for younger people who like to have plenty of life right outside their door, including all the tourists. But when the Hotel Twentyseven door closes behind you, you know you've found the ideal place to chill out after a long day in the city! One night in a double room is available from ?153.

EAT in Copenhagen:

Café Victor

The coffeehouse reminds one of Vienna, and the menu of Paris, while the dignified chic is distinctly Bohemian. In Victor, you can sip white coffee all afternoon, and for anyone who likes the nobler side of life can also order a glass of Champagne and some oysters. Cafe Victor was outfitted by 12 top Danish designers, so it's very stylish to look at. Despite that, you don't have to sit here like you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth, instead you can sit back casually and simply relax. That's why Victor quickly became one of the most popular meeting spots in Copenhagen. Here, right in the centre, is where many a long night begins...

Laundromat Café

Have you planned on visiting Copenhagen in the near future? Better bring some extra baggage! Of course Copenhagen doesn't lack fashion stores and designer shops, however we prefer doing our laundry. But not just at some random place but at a coffee house.   Four men from Iceland, including the current owner Fridrik Weisshappel had the idea to open a launderette that is café and library at the same time. You find pasta, burger or chicken sticks with mashed potatoes on the menu. Besides, the team serves tea, coffee and books.   In The Laundromat Café, 4000 books are waiting in the wooden bar to be read. While having a feast of culinary pleasures, your laundry is taken care of in the red laundry drums.   The best: for Danish standards you can eat here at little cost. The most expensive dish at the moment is a 250 gram entrecôte with fries for 19 Euro.

Husmanns Vinstue

Behind the name, which is difficult for non-Danes to comprehend, lies a really pleasant and relaxing wine cellar, and so it has been since 1888. And nothing has really changed. Anyone who comes here can enjoy some traditional Danish fare like grilled herring with raw egg yolk, smoked eel and brisket of beef. And for afters? Pancakes of course! Don't let the rustic atmosphere irritate you-Husmanns Vinstue is one of the few restaurants in Copenhagen not to be shoehorned into the designer drawer. That means that you can eat authentic and delicious food.

SIGHTS in Copenhagen:

Rosenborg Have

This is where typical cosiness in Copenhagen is celebrated. As soon as the first rays of sunshine break through, it would seem as if the whole of Copenhagen takes a break in the park, even with their prams and laptops. And of course, they have sandwiches and coffee with them. The Rosenborg Have in the city centre is especially hip. The main attraction is that in the morning, there are practice marches for the Royal Guards in the neighbouring barracks courtyard. And anyone who's interested can also take a look at the Rosenborg Slot (Rosenborg Castle).

Cooking weeks

Nowhere in Northern Europe are there so many restaurants which have been awarded stars as in Copenhagen. That's just one reason why you should try and make it for "Copenhagen Cooking". In August, everything is about cooking and food, the northern cuisine, and the best ingredients in the region. You can look forward to seeing the most creative chefs, the most colourful markets and the most appetising food. Hint: during this time, the gourmet restaurants in the city offer their set meals at discount prices. The idea behind this? So that even gastronomes with empty wallets can join in and eat at a high-level.


From squatter's area to tourist attraction; Christiania has changed a lot in the last few years. The relaxed atmosphere remains, which comes from the casual dealing of marijuana. Christiania, which lies on the grounds of a former barracks, was taken over in 1970 by hippies, as well as other alternative and unemployed people. But they certainly weren't lazy-they converted their little town into a beautiful oasis. In the meantime, the ground has become rather sought after, which is naturally one of the reasons why Christiania is supposed to be constantly vacated. But before that happens, take a look around, drink a coffee and make yourself comfortable.

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