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Beijing, also known as China's modern day capital of Beijing, has been designated by Encyclopedia Britannica as "one of the world's greatest cities." Come fly with Austrian Airlines to visit this northern Chinese city and learn about its culture, heritage, and its thousands of years of history. Beijing has always played an integral role in China's history. Many palaces, temples, and stone walls are located here. The Beijing Opera is a great venue for seeing China's cultural heritage come alive right before your eyes. The National Museum of China also offers visitors the opportunity to absorb the richness of the country's traditions. You can even visit the Great Wall of China and imagine the tremendous amount of labor required to build such a structure. Beijing has served as China's political and cultural center and helped China grow into the country it is today.

Flights to Beijing (PEK)

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Flights from Beijing Flight No. Time Flight time Typ
PEK - VIE OS 64 04:20 - 15:00 10:40 763
Flights to Beijing Flight No. Time Flight time Typ
VIE - PEK OS 63 16:45 - 02:20 09:35 763