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Be sure to fly with Austrian Airlines to Bangkok and experience a modern city that is buzzing with activity and nightlife. Make sure to visit the city's most famous landmark: the Grand Palace. This immense building was built in 1782 and was the home of the Thai king for 150 years. While at the Grand Palace, take the time to see the Emerald Buddha at the Wat Pra Kaeo. This impressive rendering of Buddha is carved from a single piece of emerald and dates back to the 15th Century. In the evening, you can choose from thousands of different Thai restaurants, as well as from a wide choice of establishments serving international cuisine. The more adventurous should try eating the 'street food' available from vendors all over the city. After dinner, make sure to sample Bangkok's colourful nightlife.

Flights to Bangkok

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Why not fly to some faraway place? Austrian Airlines offers direct flights from Vienna to some of the world’s most popular long-haul destinations, including Bangkok, Delhi, New York, Beijing, Tokyo and Washington.

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red|guide Tipps: Bangkok

EAT in Bangkok: Greyhound Caf
Street kitchen is nothing for the target group of Greyhound Cafés. The young Thai high society prefers to gather in the second floor of the exclusive and trendy shopping mall Emporium because here one finds the most popular subsidiary of the restaurant chain.   The high walls are adorned with creative prints and the interior is black and white mixed with some brown elements. On the menu you especially find fusion food - European dishes with a Thai touch and vice versa. In this sense, dishes like Thai-anchovy-spaghetti are served.   But in the first place it's not about the food but the table with the best view on the restaurant. Because there's a lot to see: the crowds of attractive or at least stylish Asians is a sight worth seeing on its own. But precisely because there's so much going on, sometimes you have to wait a little longer for your beef salad with mint leafs - provided it's still available.   The best would be to take yourself an hour for people peeking, coffee and gossip in the air-conditioned restaurant and then go outside and have original Thai food in one of the street kitchens located to the left of the Emporium.

SHOP in Bangkok: Pantip Plaza
Imagine all the electrical stores you know together with a few hundred little tradesmen in a shared apartment. This is Pantip Plaza, the mother of all IT-malls.   Already at the entrance into the shopping center one is overwhelmed by the sheer masses of stuff. Little stores are right next to huge selling spaces. On each floor (overall eight) there are about 100 shops. Pirated material, desktops, laptops, cameras, mobile phones, IT-accessories, simply everything. While hardware is relatively expensive in Thailand, everything else is ridiculously cheap. Of course the pseudo-iPod shuffle for three Euros won't last forever and the Photoshop version is screaming: pirated material! However especially the big assortment of exotic devices that have never been seen in Europe makes techies' hearts leap for joy. How about a portable 3D printer, for instance?   What is also very convenient is that one can get their laptop or camera repaired in Pantip Plaza. You will most certainly find an English-speaking fuss-pot who will get your equipment going again and who can give you the latest hints for your products.

STAY in Bangkok: Dusit Thani
The Dusit Thani is a grand hotel of the old school which sets itself to provide for hospitality, elegance and friendliness - for 40 years by now. The service is extraordinary and so is the location (right next to the subway, the sky train and the Lumpini park).   Altogether there are 13 room types at choice, and the cheapest category (about 100 euro) could have definitely turned out a little bit larger. The great view on the park however compensates for that. The guest can choose from eight (!) restaurants, each and every of them offering excellent food. A special recommendation is the Cantonese option, the Mayflower. Here the royal family, heads of state and other VIPs dine regularly - possibly also because of the six opulent private rooms. After dinner, most guests feel drawn to the D'Sens bar on the rooftop, to party with a glass of champagne or a cocktail and do some business.

SEE in Bangkok: Floating Market
The Taling Chan Floating Market is one of the three floating markets in Bangkok and the one that is most easily accessible from the city. Every weekend it's all about grilling, chatting and bargaining - on the water. You can easily imagine how life in Bangkok used to take place mostly on the Chao Praya and the many klongs in former times. The Taling Chan was established in 1987 to remind of these almost forgotten times - and on the occasion of king Bhumibol's 60th birthday.   Already on the country way to the market there is one stall next to the other and the closer you get to the klong the more intensively the delightful smell of grilled fish and meat tickles your nose. You can hardly deny yourself from picking marinated shrimps on a spit at the first stall.   Most restaurants contain a dining area on a wooden jetty and a longboat where the dishes are prepared. Most of the times you take your seat on the wavering floor at one of the low tables.   If you have some time left you can book a boat tour at the small information desk at the entrance. A tour to the orchid farm costs approx. four euros for adults.


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