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If you want to fully enjoy the Alps in their natural beauty, then fly with Austrian Airlines to Austria. If you love to hike or just look at picturesque landscapes, it will be your perfect destination. The country is placed in the heart of Middle Europe. You are able to enjoy the country at every season. During the winter months, Austria is covered with snow and people love to do winter sports in one of the many alpine regions. In spring and fall, nature will fascinate all visitors. Austria has beautiful flora and fauna to offer, like Austria's identification mark, the Edelweiß, and many native animals. The Austrian destination of Tirol is especially loved by many tourists because of its natural beauty. Austria's capital city Vienna, with its impressive architecture, has won many style awards.

Flights to Austria

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Whether you are on a business trip or a city tour – the extensive Austrian network means Europe’s key centres and most interesting cities are at your fingertips.

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EAT in Austria: Bar Puff
Matthias Euler-Rolle was the youngest radio host in Austria and grew to fame through the channel Ö3. Today he is programme director of the soul radio station Superfly.fm. And owner of a bar.   At the end of November 2012 he opened his own bar called Puff in the Girardigasse in the sixth Viennese district. Everything happened quietly, almost secretly. It's a cool joint, used to be known under the name Girardi Club where easy girls welcomed their guests. Today this is different. The bar was designed by the Viennese Walking-Chair design studio and you sit under light objects made of PET bottles and sip cocktails that do not know frippery and affectations. The bar has the first Gimlet machine in the city which stands directly on the counter.

SHOP in Austria: fine things
The name says it all: Sandra Haischberger truly produces the finest of the fine things out of porcelain in her studio. Delicate white is adorned with birds and insects, English lace patterns from the Tudor period are kissed back to life and fragile vases are waiting for flowers to be put in.   On top of that many lamps, cups and bowls, everything made in extremely limited editions, and thus really something special. The surprise: Haischberger's art is still affordable.

STAY in Austria: Hollmann Beletage
The hotel has 25 rooms that are so cosy that you immediately feel at home. The rooms are tastefully furnished and situated around a living-room, where a minibar and a well-stocked library invite you to stay for a while.   And if you don't want to leave the house at all, you'll never get bored. The hotel has its own cinema showing Austrian classics. Moreover, there is a spa to relax and a wonderful garden, which makes you forget that you are in the middle of a big city.   Tipp: Just around the corner you find the star restaurant Hollmann Salon. A night in a double starts at 140 euros.

SEE in Austria: Ö. Nationalbibliothek
Ö. Nationalbibliothek


Flights to Austria Flight No. Time Flight time Typ
WAW - VIE OS 632 18:45 - 20:00 01:15 100
PRG - VIE OS 712 20:35 - 21:20 00:45 DH4
JFK - VIE OS 88 23:00 - 07:40 08:40 772
GYD - VIE OS 644 13:55 - 18:20 04:25 319
AMS - VIE OS 378 06:00 - 07:55 01:55 319
FRA - VIE OS 126 19:00 - 20:25 01:25 321
CPH - VIE OS 304 16:40 - 18:25 01:45 100
PRG - VIE OS 708 14:25 - 15:20 00:55 DH4
STR - VIE OS 1434 19:10 - 20:35 01:25 321
ZRH - VIE OS 562 09:15 - 10:40 01:25 320
FRA - VIE OS 124 14:15 - 15:40 01:25 100
LNZ - VIE OS 956 17:25 - 18:10 00:45 D38