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If you want to fully enjoy the Alps in their natural beauty, then fly with Austrian Airlines to Austria. If you love to hike or just look at picturesque landscapes, it will be your perfect destination. The country is placed in the heart of Middle Europe. You are able to enjoy the country at every season. During the winter months, Austria is covered with snow and people love to do winter sports in one of the many alpine regions. In spring and fall, nature will fascinate all visitors. Austria has beautiful flora and fauna to offer, like Austria's identification mark, the Edelweiß, and many native animals. The Austrian destination of Tirol is especially loved by many tourists because of its natural beauty. Austria's capital city Vienna, with its impressive architecture, has won many style awards.

Flights to Austria

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Whether you are on a business trip or a city tour – the extensive Austrian network means Europe’s key centres and most interesting cities are at your fingertips.

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red|guide Tipps: Austria

EAT in Austria: Villa Aurora
If you want to go out into nature, you should climb the Wilhelminenberg, where you don't only have a great view onto the city, green and purely romantic, but also eat excellent Schnitzel. Amidst other Vienna specialties you find Schnitzel variations that will spoil you for choice: Cordon Bleu, Unbreaded Schnitzel, Salzburg Schnitzel or Wiener Schnitzel? The search for a favourite is on. A tip for vegetarians: Don't forget the delicious desserts!

SHOP in Austria: fine things
The name says it all: Sandra Haischberger truly produces the finest of the fine things out of porcelain in her studio. Delicate white is adorned with birds and insects, English lace patterns from the Tudor period are kissed back to life and fragile vases are waiting for flowers to be put in.   On top of that many lamps, cups and bowls, everything made in extremely limited editions, and thus really something special. The surprise: Haischberger's art is still affordable.

STAY in Austria: Kempinski Moskau
Luxury hotels represent a multitude of lifestyles and living spheres. One version is a modern, contemporary design paired with vintage. Another one is traditional luxury with precious materials and the flair of bygone times. That's what Kempinski in Moscow represents. And rightly so. After all, Kempinski, founded in 1897, is the oldest luxury hotel group in Europe.   The Nikol'skaya welcomes its guests after six years of renovation in several buildings around the corner of Nikol'skaya Street and the Lubyanka square. In the style of the Belle Époque: opulently adorned with marble and dark oak wood, red velvet and beige wallpapers, golden décor and crystal chandeliers. Already in the lobby the hotel alludes to the times of ocean steamers, when people clad in pearls and fur sipped champagne from crystal flutes. But you can still do so - in the Kempinski lobby, lounging on art déco furniture under a colourful glass cone. That's good old luxury, redefined!

SEE in Austria: Museum District
The Museum District is a cult for the Viennese: In the summer you sit on the Enzis (colourful open-air furniture to stretch out on), sip take-out drinks and listen to the DJs. In the winter it's time to take in culture in one of the museums or muse about which of the great restaurants or cafés to go to this time? Take in the street life: 60,000 sqm art and lifestyle are waiting for you! The architecture of the museums is phenomenal: The most modern buildings were combined gracefully with baroque originals. At the square you find the Vienna Art Gallery, which houses many events, the Museum of Modern Art and the Rudolf Leopold Collection. Beyond the three big ones near the square there are also several smaller cultural institutions that are even more exciting, such as the Austrian Museum of Architecture (www.azw.at) or the Tanzquartier (dance house - www.tqw.at). The little ones find cultural happiness in the Jungle Children's Theatre or the Children's Museum. If you are looking for unusual souvenirs, this is also the right place for you: Many small shops sell knickknacks for back home. Our tip. Sit down in one of the cafés and watch people!


Flights to Austria Flight No. Time Flight time Typ
SJJ - VIE OS 760 06:40 - 07:55 01:15 100
WAW - VIE OS 624 14:10 - 15:30 01:20 F70
BLL - VIE OS 1436 16:25 - 18:25 02:00 320
ZAG - VIE OS 678 17:40 - 18:35 00:55 DH4
RHO - VIE OS 9174 08:35 - 11:15 02:40 100
ORD - VIE OS 66 21:20 - 06:50 09:30 763
TFS - VIE OS 9506 18:10 - 23:20 05:10 320
KLU - VIE OS 934 07:20 - 08:10 00:50 DH4
GRZ - VIE OS 978 17:35 - 18:20 00:45 DH4
GOT - VIE OS 9628 17:35 - 19:40 02:05 320