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Located in northern Kazakhstan, Astana is changing on an almost daily basis, due to the enormous amount of development work under way, in a bid to place the city firmly on the commercial and tourist maps. You can fly with Austrian Airlines to Astana and see for yourself how exciting the country's new capital is. Old museums stand alongside new mega-complexes, such as the Duman and the impressive Khan Shatyry covered urban village. Shopping is extensive in Astana and ranges from traditional goods like jewelery and musical instruments to a more Westernised product range such as MP3 players and designer goods. Kazakhstan food is hearty and includes such traditional dishes as horse meat, pasta and bread. To wash it down why not try Kumis (mare's milk)? Or maybe go down the safer route and stick to the huge range of vodkas. Remember, the more you pay, the safer your insides!

Flights to Astana (TSE)

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Flights from Astana Flight No. Time Flight time Typ
TSE - VIE OS 698 01:40 - 07:40 06:00 319
Flights to Astana Flight No. Time Flight time Typ
VIE - TSE OS 697 19:20 - 00:40 05:20 319