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Amsterdam is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. If you are looking for a place where you can enjoy the day and the night, you should visit Amsterdam. This is the capital city of the Netherlands and has several historic and interesting places to visit. If you are planning to fly with Austrian Airlines to Amsterdam you can book your tickets online. This is one vacation you can enjoy with your family. You can take a nice romantic trip down the canals of Amsterdam. The open-air markets are great if you are looking for some bargain shopping, however, remember to negotiate while you are shopping. You can also go visit the museums and explore the historical buildings in the city.

Flights to Amsterdam

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EAT in Amsterdam: FEBO
The Dutch are practical when it comes to food and thus easily satisfied. They are used to the fact that not everything made from vegetables contains vitamins or that some foods look good but don't taste it without mayonnaise. And they probably think that freshness is overvalued. At least that's what the FEBO automats suggest and they are so bizarre that you should pull out a sandwich in any case. There are more than 20 such automats in Amsterdam, representing a fast food chain without visible staff. At least almost: You insert money and pull out croquettes, a hamburger or a sandwich from behind the display window. The stuff doesn't look too good, you need courage for it, but it tastes okay and it is worth a story back home. But you may rest assured: There are people behind the automat who see to its filling with fresh products regularly - at least that's what is said.   You want to know what the letters FEBO mean? FEBO started out in 1941 as bakery on FErdinand BOlstraat. 

SHOP in Amsterdam: 290 Square Meters
Ido, the enigmatic founder of the shop, started in 2001 with 90 inspiring square metres bound to attract creative, hip and talented people. The project was so successful that the shop soon needed a larger location and also a new name. The name 290 Square Meters serves as a good source of inspiration because it is much more than a shop. It is the venue of events, fashion shows, readings and similar events. But that doesn't mean that it doesn't offer great shopping opportunities. You'll find shoes, clothes, books, magazines, music, art - and all of it arty and exceptional. The labels include our Nordic favourites Wood Wood and Henrik Vibskov as well as Holland Esquire, Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair, Minimarket and Surface To Air.

STAY in Amsterdam: Roemerhotel
How they manage to embarrass you here? By asking you whether something was wrong when you check out. Because you will for sure not have anything to complain about. The Roemerhotel, that is to say, offers everything you may wish for: perfect location at Leidesplein, 18th-century foundation walls with contemporary upgrade, exceptional service and a garden.   The clocks seem to tick slower here, and that's no disadvantage in busy Amsterdam. It means you can relax. For instance over a cocktail in front of the fireplace or at one of the 23 rooms boasting dapper design and pastel shades. And you cannot only relax in bed, by the way, but also in your private Jacuzzi. The price for one night in the double room starts from 120 euros.

SEE in Amsterdam: Rent a bicycle
Bicycles are the ideal means of transportation in Amsterdam. You will hardly find a Dutchman who doesn't own one. No matter whether you want to travel fast and flexibly from one spot to the other or cruise around leisurely: A rented bicycle pays off!   There is a reason why Amsterdam is called the city of bicycles. Everyone cycles here, from the very young to the very old. As a tourist you won't only have a convenient and fast rental bicycle at hand, you are also travelling Dutch-style. If you want to see sights as well while you are cycling, we recommend you visit the Jordaan district. There, you can combine a tour of the Anne Frank House with the Norderkerk and the Museum of History.   Be careful when leaving your bicycle on stops in between: Don't forget to lock it. As far as equipment goes, the various bicycle rents offer bicycles from 8 Euros per day. The longer you rent, the cheaper it gets. The more gears the bicycle has the more expensive it is - and the more useless. You don't have to fear strenuous mountain tours here for sure!

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Flights to Amsterdam Flight No. Time Flight time Typ
VIE - AMS OS 377 19:05 - 21:05 02:00 319
VIE - AMS OS 375 16:15 - 18:15 02:00 100
VIE - AMS OS 2651 10:00 - 12:00 02:00 320
VIE - AMS OS 373 14:05 - 16:00 01:55 F70
VIE - AMS OS 371 06:05 - 08:05 02:00 100