Flight to Altenrhein

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In the north eastern part of Switzerland, just shy of the German and Austrian borders, lies Altenrhein. Although it is only a village, Altenrhein is more memorable than one expects - and what is more memorable than the art of Friedensreich Hunderwasser, a world renowned artist. His Market Hall project is a set of unusual buildings that do not fall in the norm of modern construction. The flooring, walls,windows and doors are a combination of the beautiful and bizarre that are best viewed in person rather than described. The village is also the home of Flug-und Fahrzeugwerke Altenrhein (FFA - a factory for aircraft and cars). Joined with Altenrhein is Lake Constance, which crosses over into Germany and Austria. Boating, cycling or just hiking, there are different ways of getting around and enjoying the scenery. So fly with Austrian Airlines to Altenrhein for a most memorable experience.

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