Flights from Altenrhein to Vienna


EAT in Vienna:

Villa Aurora

If you want to go out into nature, you should climb the Wilhelminenberg, where you don't only have a great view onto the city, green and purely romantic, but also eat excellent Schnitzel. Amidst other Vienna specialties you find Schnitzel variations that will spoil you for choice: Cordon Bleu, Unbreaded Schnitzel, Salzburg Schnitzel or Wiener Schnitzel? The search for a favourite is on. A tip for vegetarians: Don't forget the delicious desserts!

SHOPPING in Vienna:

Disaster Clothing

Disaster Clothing has become an institution in the Neubaugasse. Any one, whether teenager or a bit more mature, will find something here, provided they're looking for something cool.   Pieces by established labels, such as Custo Barcelona, Desigual, Amarillo Limon and Skunk Funk are on display next to young Austrian designers such as Elke Freytag, lila, Maronski, Dejan, and Esca. The standards include Freeman T. Porter, Kyuichi fairtrade and biocotton Jeans.   You always find something, because there is always something different to choose from in the DC, and always in limited edition. The shop complements and changes its stock every two weeks, so feel free to stop by more often than once.

STAY in Vienna:

Roomz Vienna

The idea is as good as its implementation: Design at a low price. The word design, which tends to be used in inflationary ways, means nothing but modern furnishing. But the hotel excels in it. It's obvious that you have to save some money somewhere with this concept, and in this case it's the location. You can reach the city centre relatively quickly by metro, but on foot or by bicycle the trip becomes a workout. The rooms aren't particularly spacious, but since there are more interesting things to do in Vienna than to hole up in the hotel room, this is not a big problem. And if it is, you can still stretch out in the bar, which is open to its guests 24 h. A night in a double starts at 69,- euros.

SIGHTS in Vienna:


In the Hofburg you not only find the office of the President Heinz Fischer and the National Library, but also something that seems to be of a magical attraction for the tourists: The Imperial Apartments.   The Hofburg was the imperial residence of the Habsburg, it was the seat of government and administrative centre of the Empire as well as the winter residence of the imperial family (in the summer they lived in Schönbrunn). You will get an overview when you take part in the one-hour-long tour. During that hour you will also be led through the Sisi Museum and the Imperial Apartments of Sisi and Franz.   In the Schweizerhof, the oldest part of the Hofburg, the treasures of Habsburg dynasty can be admired, including the imperial Austrian crown, the royal treasure of the Holy Roman Empire with the imperial crown or the enchanting jewels of Habsburg empresses and princesses, i.e. parts of the original jewels of Empress Elisabeth.