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Vienna is the capital of Austria. Situated on the Danube River, it is one of the most important and fascinating European cities historically, culturally, economically and politically. When you fly with Austrian Airlines to Vienna, you'll visit one of Europe's UNESCO World Heritage Sites with many sites to see such as the Stephansdom, the Hofburg and Schönbrunn Palaces and the Prater amusement park. Check out the Hundertwasserhaus for some truly abstract architecture or go for a walk in one of the city's numerous parks. Whilst in Vienna, don't forget to enjoy a Wiener Schnitzel, an 'Apfelstrudel' with hot chocolate, A 'Mannerschnitte' or a slice of the famous 'Sachertorte'. Vienna has been Europe's centre for music, theatre and arts for centuries: a trip to see the Vienna Philharmonic works by Mozart or Strauss or an evening of opera will make your trip to Vienna quite memorable.

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EAT in Vienna: Figlmüller
The secret to success is an open one: In the Figlmüller the Schnitzels are always a little bigger, a little thinner and a little crunchier than elsewhere.   No wonder, since the Schnitzel etiquette is considered to be a genuine piece of professional ethics: The meat must be from the saddle of the pig and is pounded to 34 cm. The coating has to be made with Kaisersemmel breadcrumbs only. After that the Schnitzel goes through 3 different frying pans that are all filled with oil heated to different temperatures, before it finally ends up on your plate. Bon appetite! Beware: There are several Figlmüllers in Vienna. You'll do best in the parent house at the Wollzeile.

SHOP in Vienna: Disaster Clothing
Disaster Clothing has become an institution in the Neubaugasse. Any one, whether teenager or a bit more mature, will find something here, provided they're looking for something cool.   Pieces by established labels, such as Custo Barcelona, Desigual, Amarillo Limon and Skunk Funk are on display next to young Austrian designers such as Elke Freytag, lila, Maronski, Dejan, and Esca. The standards include Freeman T. Porter, Kyuichi fairtrade and biocotton Jeans.   You always find something, because there is always something different to choose from in the DC, and always in limited edition. The shop complements and changes its stock every two weeks, so feel free to stop by more often than once.

STAY in Vienna: The Trieste
In the Trieste it might very well be possible that there are celebrities snoring next door: Robbie Williams is a regular, Kylie Minogue was here and even David Bowie checked in. They all love the style by the British designer Terence Conran. He gave the 300-year-old horse station, in which the elegant hotel is located, a complete makeover. In the Trieste the big city is just as far away as its guests wish.   Rooms with their own terrace or green garden are ideal for entirely zoning out. The Silver Bar is also worth a visit - Robbie Williams had this jewel recreated in the backstage area during a concert in Vienna. Doubles start at 293 euros.

SEE in Vienna: Pratersauna
Amidst the Viennese Prater, we find a hidden club of a special kind: the Pratersauna. It's not a shady sauna club, but the in-club in Vienna. A few years ago, the Pratersauna was still a filthy and dubious underground sauna. Today, the club has replaced the Flex along the Danubian canal - which has been deemed the Viennese hotspot for a long time before.   However, the Pratersauna is not only a club but also an artspace providing room for art, and even offers a pool landscape with garden. Brand new: the café-bistro with organic food and home-made smoothies.   The swimming pool in the garden is a good bet for the summer months. In comparison to the public pools, it's never too crowded and pleasant lounge music provides for a relaxed atmosphere. If you badly want to, you can afterwards go to the famous Schweizerhaus, located on the opposite street, for a Budweiser beer and a pork knuckle. But that's a different story again...

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