Flights from Altenrhein to Vienna


SIGHTS in Vienna:


It is the biggest museum of contemporary art in Central Europe. And Vienna's greatest. The MUMOK is always worth a visit, if only for its architecture. And inside it's just as impressive, since the curators can draw from an extensive collection and present interesting focal points. There are five levels with works by Pablo Picasso, Nam June Paik, Andy Warhol and Günter Brus, ranging from Pop Art to Photorealism and from Fluxus to New Realism. The collection on the Viennese Actionism is a must.

EAT in Vienna:


The fine Flein is located in the magical garden of the French cultural institute and is certainly one of the most charming restaurants in the city. Somehow it feels as if you were sitting at your friends' place and that they just happen to be phenomenal cooks.   The menu changes on a daily basis and most of the dishes have a French touch. Although it was mentioned in the Gault Millau, prices have remained quite fair: There is nothing that costs more than 20 euros, and the flavour experience is invaluable. The lunch menu, in particular, is a great value. Small tip: In the summer, don't get put off by the mosquitoes in the garden. You'll find mosquito deterrent in the bathrooms, on the house.

SHOPPING in Vienna:

Be a good girl

Sometimes you just hit on the perfect mix. The guys and girls from Be a good Girl have certainly hit it, managing to keep a perfect balance between shop, event location and hairdresser. Some labels on the shelves are well-known or even hip, such as Freitag, Erfolg, Levi's or Trippen. Others are among the newcomers, which makes them just as interesting: König Walter, Paula.Paul or House of Done. Never heard of them? Then off to the Westbahnstraße! Attention: If you have a tendency to exaggerate, you won't find your way out without a new haircut, a few CDs, books and a completely new outfit. Tipp: There are also several events and presentations. Announcements and dates are on the homepage.

STAY in Vienna:

Hotel Sacher

Sharon Stone, John Malkovich and similar bigwigs have spent the night here. No wonder: The Sacher continues to be one of the most elegant hotels in Vienna. Its namesake is the dark-black, world famous Sacher tort. Lady Anna Sacher, who took over the traditional house in 1880, is just as legendary as the cake. She knew how to enjoy herself, loved thick cigars, indulgent luxury and small dogs. The suites aren't exactly cheap, yet the hotel offers the best service, a lot of style and much space. The rooms are named after operas, singers or famous hotel guests. One night in the suite starts at about 395 euros.