Flights from Altenrhein to Vienna

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SIGHTS in Vienna:


Those who live close by never move any more. And those who don't, come from all over the city to relax in one of the most beautiful parks in Vienna. In the Augarten every one finds a place. Even the two huge flak towers from World War II have been integrated and made themselves indispensable. The runners run around, the slackliners balance between the trees, while a few more senior park lovers meet for a Boccia game.   The hits this summer are already taking shape: Advanced Frisbee and Viking Chess. If you don't know what that is just ask a park inhabitant, they tend to be rather communicative. After the whatever-it-is match you can return the favour with a beer, spritzer or icecream, which the Awawa-Beisel, also called Bunkerei, provides. And when it doesn't happen to be summer? Then the Bunkerei offers punches.   And the Augarten itself is beautiful in every season. Tip for families: For the little ones there is a children's pool and countless playgrounds.

SHOPPING in Vienna:


This shop could have been flown in from New York or Paris, in its entirety. The fashion victim will find two purist white floors in which she or he finds a lot that has to come home at any cost. Cool street wear, stylish fashion and funky accessories are designed by international newcomers as well as established designers such as Raf Simons, Ann Demeulemeester, Haltbar and Hussein Chalayan. What has become commonplace in Barcelona, continues to stand out in Vienna: Next to the gear, that all cries out go home with you, the most beloved books and magazines of each designer are on sale.

EAT in Vienna:


Maybe even the furnishings are made of sugar? The delicacies in the display cabinets definitely are. They don't only look indescribable, but also taste like that, too. The place has a long tradition, having been chosen to be the k.u.k. Court bakery. The candied violets are a decadent relict from the past, and a unique specialty that you won't get anywhere else. The Anna Demel cake is also notorious, a piece of art made of chocolate and truffles. Tip: The extra charge for the tradition is included in the price. It's worth it for the sweet stuff, but not so much for the savoury snacks on offer.

STAY in Vienna:

Le Méridien

The Méridien is the youngest of the extravagant houses at the ring road. The lack of tradition is balanced with super modern design and fancy styling. The furnishing in the rooms is minimalist but tasteful, and at night the hotel bar Shambala turns into a happening club scene: DJs such as Rodney Hunter and Erdem Tunakan make you dance with an international crowd. If you are mildly hung over the next day you might want to visit the fitness area: One round in the pool or a relaxing steam bath will refresh tired spirits. A night in a double starts at about 180,- euros.